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Smaller canvas

"My Mother's Art"

"Pin. Eel. Prod."

"Guitar Strings. Little Curly Things"

"My Mother's Art 2"


"Bouquet for Buoyfriend"

"If you fall just right, you can drown in an ocean of Love"

"Tornado from Benny"



"What am I to do with This?"



"Ms. Tree"


S(Squared) = One

Prithum Bhagvati Namo Namo

Heart Center Radiating


Take 1


Take 2


Heart's Afire

Moon's Message

Stylized Strelitzia

See me. Feel me. Touch me. Heal me.

Burlap Dance

Paige's Paradise

Red Feather Freedom

Three Gates

Hoya Bits

Take it Easy, Mac

The Bay
from the Balcony

Shredded. Shattered. Reduced to Ashes.


Healing Hands.
Healing Heart.

The Eve of the Burning

Oscillating Masters


Rudra Unraveled

Fright? Fight?
Naaa... Flight!

Adi Shakti


Bag O' Crayons

Playa de Guillermo

Basic Crepe Recipe

Magnificent Magamuffin

Bee Your Self

Dark Swirls

Red Blue Pastels

Tree of Life


Carpet Maple

Big Yellow

Wisdom Goddess


Inappropriate Behavior




Flow v 2.3

Wisp O' the Will

Caldwell's Pines


Kritika's Quilt

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