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Stand-alone mosaics

Have a symbol that's meaningful for you? I can probably make it into a mosaic yantra.
Email me! (Onga <at> OngaArt <dot> com). Or post on my Facebook page here.

All mosaics come with an easel. See one here.

There are also mosaics on several of the larger canvases: Here. Here. Here. Here. And here.

"Okay too"

"Mosaic with Glitter"


"Durga Yantra"

The Durga Yantras have been adopted, but I can make one just for you!


"Durga Yantra 2"



"Durga Yantra 3"


Chinese symbol "Fu"


Yoni Yantra


Om Mosaic

Phoenix Friend
will Rise Again


Water Lily

Kali Yantra

Itch Happens

Three Circuit Finger Labyrinth


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