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Larger canvas

"Crowning Glory" or
"A Feather in my Cap"

"I Want Nothing More
than to Float with You"


"Two Not Two"

"Dancing with
the Serpent"


"Tears of Transformation"

"Just Leave it Be,
Mr. Tertiary"



"Gabriel's Dragonfire"

"Applause! Applause!"

"There are
No Coincidences"

"Fuzzy Soup for the Soul"


"Stone Pizza"
A collaboration with my grandson. What fun!

"Her Fiery Path"

Joyful Reminder


Metro Luna


A Dance of Fire
and Water

Nest of Chaos
(Bed of Imperfection)

Smorgasbord for
that Smelly Fish

Eye See You

OngaArt Highways to Nowhere

Highways to Nowhere

OngaArt Ripe Mangoes

Ripe Mangoes

Tat Tvam Asi


Driver Passenger Vehicle

Phone System is Down

Dancing Doe

Saraswati Flow

Always Steps Forward


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