Alcohol inks

Alcohol inks really flow on non-porous surfaces, even more so than watercolors! There is very limited control or ability to manipulate them, at least so far for me. But that is the joy for me. (Below: How to order prints of these paintings. So read on or scroll.)

I have played on Yupo paper, mineral paper, and (the back side) of Kirkland brand inkjet photo paper: The inks flow somewhat differently — but not much — on each of them.

Some AI artists paint on glass, ceramic tiles or mugs, metal, anything non-porous. I consider myself still learning the medium so I am sticking with flat paper surfaces for now.

Alcohol inks are a fairly new medium in the art-making world, therefore the longevity of the original pieces is unclear. I am developing an opportunity for anyone to order high-quality photo prints that we know will stand the test of time and UV exposure. Look on my online store to learn how to order.

I have mostly named these by the dates that I completed them. I don’t have the intention that any of them represent any physical object, but simply the energy that we all are.

How to order prints of these paintings.

“Purple Haze all in my Brain”
“Anthony John 05-28-18”
“Promise of Spring”
“In Moments with Flame”.
“Lime So Alone”.

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