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These pages are from the old website, but it's a pretty extensive catalog of most every piece I've made from 2009 to 2016, so I'll leave it here.

Do you remember always hearing "Don't touch the art!"? Well, many pieces of OngaArt are meant to be touched and are not behind glass. (We'll take our chances with the oils on your fingers, as all are varnished.) I figure, if you touch, all the more loving energy goes into the piece.

If you are in my area, we can arrange a meeting for your viewing of OngaArt. Any that are available for sale are noted. You could commission one, too.

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So excited to offer stuff online to buy, items with OngaArt images that you use and wear!

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Video catalog on YouTube of OngaArt 8 x 10 photo prints for sale. Click here.