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Thanks for visiting my site, and for your interest
in OngaArt.

Generally, the newest pieces are found at the bottom of each of the category pages because I'm doing this web site "by hand," and would rather get back to making OngaArt than spend a lot of time in Dreamweaver. So on each category page, scroll down for most recent. Now you can view a slide show of some of the "smaller canvas" and "larger canvas" pieces on YouTube. Click on the far-right column to get there.

The colors are not 100% true on this site, of course, as they aren't on any site: It all depends on your monitor (or phone or tablet), and no one can ensure color for every device.

I wish you could see them in person!

Do you remember always hearing "Don't touch the art!"? Well, many pieces of OngaArt are meant to be touched and are not behind glass. (We'll take our chances with the oils on your fingers, as all are varnished.) I figure, if you touch, all the more loving energy goes into the piece.

If you are in my area, we can arrange a meeting for your viewing of OngaArt. Any that are available for sale are noted. You could commission one, too.

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If your financials won't allow you to adopt an original OngaArt, in many cases I can have an affordable, high-quality photo- or canvas-print made for you. Of course, some pieces will print better than others, and those with much texture and found objects won't have the same energy in a print as the original. Email me to inquire.

I can also make any OngaArt image on this site, detail images or full pieces, into printed note cards for your writing pleasures. (Think thank-you notes or birthday cards. You so still send thank-you notes, don't you?) Email me to inquire.

You can commission OngaArt created just for you, honing in on what's important to y u and in tune with your energy. I'm especially excited to do this with Watercolors on Yupo (Flow). Click here.

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So excited! Now am offering online stuff to buy, items with OngaArt images that you use and wear!

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Uploaded video catalog of OngaArt 8 x 10 photo prints for sale. Click here.

Notices and
recent additions
to the site

Kritika's Quilt

Flow v 2.9

Flow v 2.11

Flow v 2.8

Flow v 2.10

Flow v 2.5

Flow v 2.6

Retreat Red

Retreat Green

"Anger Caressed"

"Flow v 2.4"


"Caldwell's Pines"

"Wisp O' the Will"

"Flow v 2.3"


There are so many Watercolors on Yupo (Flow) now, and I'm having so much fun with it, that I've made a page that links to just those. Click here to see.


"Always Steps Forward"

"Inappropriate Behavior"


"Wisdom Goddess"

This piece, "Tat Tvum Asi" hung in the Wisconsin Women's Network 28th Annual Artful Women Show.

"Dana01" One of many pieces
I have available for affordable







Affordable smaller OngaArt for gift-giving. Click here!

My bird-legs and me in front of my display at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ for Galley Night, October 2, 2015.

See Donna's display of the OngaArt with her collectibles on her mantle. Could the blues match more perfectly?

Evansville Art Crawl
May 8, 2015. Fun!

Click here to view my video of larger pieces on YouTube.

Click here to view my video of smaller pieces on YouTube.

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My place on the wall at the UW Hospitals for the "Artful Women" show sponsored by the Wisconsin Women's Network in November 2014. Click for bigger photo. Invited back for 2015!

My daughter Emma and I were featured in an article in a local magazine, "Brava," for our collaboration on a piece for Mallory Shotwell's project "A Discourse on Love.
Page 1.
Page 2 which has our photo.

If you'd rather view a PDF of the story, click here. The entire magazine is available here but I don't know for how long.

Just a random
OngaArt Facebook post:

"I put at least two coats of acrylic UV varnish on every piece. That way they won't fade like your sofa. (Or Tom's recliner.)
And then, when your great-grandchildren have their inherited OngaArt auctioned at Christie's or Sotheby's, the colors will be as fresh and bright as the day I made them in the OngaCave."


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