Want to live with an OngaArt alcohol inks painting in your home?

You can order a high-quality, photographic print from my online store.

Why prints?

The jury is still out on the longevity of alcohol inks paintings, as the medium is extremely light-sensitive. They have mostly been used thus far by “crafters” to make greeting cards and such, perhaps more temporary applications.

Alcohol inks are a fairly new medium in the art-making world, therefore the longevity of the original pieces is unclear. There’s no way of knowing at this time how long originals can be without fading. Because of that, I prefer to sell prints of my alcohol inks art.

The inks may or may not be lightfast over long periods of time – we don’t really know for sure — which means that they may fade, even when artists use UV protective measures (as I do) in the form of finishes and coatings. There are other factors to consider with an original alcohol ink art piece, including humidity, temperature, substrate, and the use of blending or lightening medium, which may or may not be sensitive to UV light.

The Alcohol Ink Art Community may tell you more.

That said, the science of professional-caliber, high-quality, photographic prints is more established as far as longevity. So, many artists who are working with alcohol inks will make their art available in prints rather than the original piece. That does, however, require quality scanning for color-correctness, then reproduction which is true to the original art in all aspects – color and texture.

My vendor, well known for the superior quality of their prints, has been serving the needs of the photographic community for more than a decade, and has become the lab of choice for professional photographers over the U.S.

They use Kodak Professional Endura Supra paper. It is one of the few photography labs around that still uses traditional technology to create prints. The process is called silver halide printing. Silver halide photographic prints are printed using light-sensitive paper and silver-based chemistry. I choose Lustre finish for my prints because it doesn’t have the glare of Glossy, but is richer than Matte.

This is not ink-jet printing! This technology ensures that your prints will become treasured heirlooms that can be passed down for generations, not just a fading memory.

Original OngaArt from alcohol inks is scanned at 600 ppi to the highest professional standards, in a minimum physical size of 24×36, and adjusted if the color is not 100% accurate (which it usually is).

I fulfill these print orders through my studio in Wisconsin so that I can inspect the quality before sending to the recipient. As such, it will likely take two weeks or more for you to receive your order.

Permission cost for already-made original art reproduction is included in print price. (But not so for commissioned pieces.) The buyer understands that others may also purchase the same prints of non-commissioned pieces. If you would like your print to be signed, please let me know when you order.

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