Cropped from a photo taken by Paulius Musteikis at the reception for the Discourse on Love project at Absolutely Art in Madison on June 6, 2014. Click here to go to Paulius’ web site.


Artist Statement

I have been an artist as long as I can remember being able to hold a crayon or brush in my hand. However, when I reached adult age and had to support myself, I realized that it might be tough to pay the rent and buy groceries with that unreliable income. So I became a graphic designer. During the nearly four decades in my career, my expertise expanded into marketing and business communication.

In 2009 I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening which changed my life. Part of that seemed to be a call to make art again after a hiatus of 25+ years. I discovered that all of my paints were dried up so I had to purchase new in order to spread texture and color on canvas as I was guided.

My spiritual awakening remains an undercurrent in my work. It is my intention to share the metaphysical energy with others. Indeed, as a member of the Energism Art Movement I believe that there is an underlying positive spiritual energy that joins all things. Energism artists hope to help viewers connect with that energy.

More simply, for me making art is an expression of heart and soul. My pieces are not a representation of anything that can be spoken, except that which the viewer sees and senses and speaks.

I am attracted to art that has an intense presence and vibrant color: That is what guides me as I fill each canvas with the energy.

Retirement from my day job in 2016 gave me the opportunity to have more time to play with my vision.

I work with many mediums including water-soluble pastels, watercolors, alcohol inks, melted colored wax, and of course acrylic paints which is where I started. I have learned to love the lack of control that some of these techniques require, which I consider a great life lesson for me. There are many surprises which are a delight, rather than me perceiving them as mistakes.

What’s up with the “Onga” in OngaArt?

When my grandson was not-quite two years of age, he named me “Onga.” At such a young age, he didn’t have the language skills to explain why. Of course I immediately popped on the internet to look up the name, thinking it might be Russian because grandson was bilingual – English and Russian. His paternal grandparents assured me that it is not a Russian name. I could find no such name except in Zulu where it means “to be saved.” (There is, too, the Ohio Nut Growers Association.)

The timing seemed right for me to use it as my artist alias and I liked the potential for a logo. There are many friends and family members who do indeed always call me “Onga” rather than “Christine.”

Career Biography

I’ve been a graphic designer since 1978 and that profession has been good to me, allowing me to earn a living as a creative. Heck, I even won some awards back when I bothered to enter design contests. I’ve had only three great jobs at three great companies — Isthmus, Fiore Companies, Trachte, Inc. — over the course of my career. I’m more or less “retired” now, at least from a day job.

During my career, over the years, I expanded my repertoire and expertise to include all things in business and marketing communication. That too has been good to me because it has required me to be a lifelong learner, as communication constantly changes.

My philosophy has always been to approach marketing as honest communication rather than sales hype. And it has always been my intentions that business communication ought to be transparent to reflect a transparent organization.

You can find my professional resume and other life interests by clicking here.

This OngaArt site shows some of what I’ve done. I don’t know if it’s “good,” and it doesn’t matter: It’s fun. Often magical! And often mystical as in the art’s intention to represent the energy that we are. I actually like many of the pieces! Some of them I love and can’t part with. Many of them are for sale, so just contact me via email.

I belong to the Energism Art Movement. This group is “devoted to spreading positive metaphysical energy through our creations, thereby helping humanity reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness.”

(Click here to learn the tenets of Energism Art on Facebook.)

I wish to express gratitude to Loved ones. (Not in order of importance.)

To my many friends and clients who support OngaArt with their appreciation, encouragement and their purchases, thank you from Heart.

I really appreciate you, my parents, Kuby and Mae, for passing on the creative and Love genes. (Dad, no laziness here…) And gratitude to all of my many other ancestors who learned to go with the Flow and passed it along.

Thank you to Adam (I think…maybe…) for poking me down the rabbit hole in the first place.

Much gratitude to Mother Kay, for her encouragement (as it were); her inspiration, power, joy and Love. And the Heat, especially during cold weather.

Much, much gratitude to Tom for his enduring patience and support.

I’m grateful, Emma and Ari, for the many opportunities to have fun making art together, and for your continued interest in it. And simply, I am thankful for our time together.

David, your caring work to “accommodate” the energy flow is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Theo for nearly four years of support, wisdom, knowledge, chuckles, and most-appreciated guidance.

Nandhiji— Gratitude. :))))) <3

Click here to go to the archived site which is a pretty extensive catalog of most every piece I’ve made from 2009 to 2016, some of which include stories about how the art happened.

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