Cropped from a photo taken by Paulius Musteikis at the reception for the Discourse on Love project at Absolutely Art in Madison on June 6, 2014. Click here to go to Paulius’ web site.

I’ve been an artist since I can remember, and probably before. When it came time to be an adult, I had a choice to make in order to be able to make a living to pay rent and buy groceries. It didn’t seem that making art would be a sure thing for that. So–

I’ve been a graphic designer since 1978 and that profession has been good to me, allowing me to earn a living as a creative. Heck, I even won some awards back when I bothered to enter design contests. I’ve had only three great jobs at three great companies — Isthmus, Fiore Companies, Trachte, Inc. — over the course of my career. I’m more or less “retired” now.

During my career, over the years, I expanded my repertoire to include all things  in business and marketing communication. That too has been good to me because it has required me to be a lifelong learner, as marketing constantly changes. My philosophy has always been to approach marketing as honest communication rather than sales hype. And it has always my philosophy that business communication ought to be transparent.

In 2009 , after a hiatus of 25+ years, I got out my paints again to return to making what we used to call “fine art” (as opposed to “commercial art,” which is what graphic design was called back in the day).

I couldn’t get the caps off some of the paint tubes.

This site shows some of what I’ve done. I don’t know if it’s “good,” and it doesn’t matter: It’s fun. Often magical! And often mystical as in the art’s intention to represent the energy that we are. I actually like many of the pieces! Some of them I love and can’t part with. Many of them are for sale, so just contact me.

I belong to the Energism Art Movement. This group is “devoted to spreading positive metaphysical energy through our creations, thereby helping humanity reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness.”

Energism artists believe there is an underlying positive spiritual energy that joins all things. By helping our viewers connect with this energy, Energism artists hope to help to raise the consciousness of all humanity.

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“What’s with the name ‘Onga’?” you may ask. “Onga” is the name that my grandson, Ari, gave me, this before he was talking much. That was about the same time the art was starting to happen again. Well, you don’t have to slap me upside the head…

(ONGA is also the Ohio Nut Growers Association. Thanks, Ari! That means that you’re a nut!)

I wish to express gratitude to Loved ones. (Not in order of importance.)

To my many friends and clients who support OngaArt with their appreciation, encouragement and their purchases, thank you from Heart.

I really appreciate you, Kuby and Mae, for passing on the creative and Love genes. (Dad, no laziness here…) And gratitude to all of my many other ancestors who learned to go with the Flow.

Thank you to Adam (I think…maybe…) for poking me down the rabbit hole in the first place.

Much gratitude to Mother Kay, for her encouragement (as it were); her inspiration, power, joy and Love.

Much, much gratitude to Tom for his enduring patience and support.

I’m grateful, Emma and Ari, for the many opportunities to have fun making art together, and for your continued interest in it. And simply, I am thankful for our time together.

David, your caring work to “accommodate” the energy flow is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Theo for nearly four years of support, wisdom, knowledge, chuckles, and most-appreciated guidance.

Nandhiji— Gratitude. :))))) <3

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